Many thanks to all of you!


TriStar111 Estonia

We would like to thank you all for the great 3 days we spent together this weekend in Pühajärve in Otepää at the second edition of TriStar Estonia. Participants, volunteers, spectators, institutions and agencies, companies, suppliers, partners...
We are already working on the 2012 edition. We take note of what went right and what could be improved. We enjoy a lot the experience!!! Keep reading...

Our goal is to make you enjoy a high quality event where you will have fun doing triathlon as much as we had fun organizing it. If you participated in the race, you will shortly receive a questionnaire asking you how you liked our event, how you spent it... We'd love to know what you think.

TriStar Estonia has been possible thanks to the unwavering support of our sponsors!

Thank you! Get ready for TriStar Estonia 2012! ;) You will get news very soon!!!

Video: TriStar111 Estonia winner 2011 - Thomas Hellriegel finish


Results TriStar111 Estonia 2011: men, women, teams



Here are the official results for TriStar111 Estonia 2011. Full finishing protocol will go up on Monday, stay tuned!



1) Thomas Hellriegel (GER) 03.12.53

2) Bryan  McCrystal (IRL) Team Primera 03.13.12

3) Kirill Kotsegarov (EST) 03.14.02

4) Olivier Marceau (FRA) 03.16.17

5) Esben Hovgaard (DEN) 03.18.18

6) Allan Oras (EST) 03.25.11

7) Priit Ailt (EST) 03.29.47

8) Harri Sokk (EST) 03.30.26

9) Nicholas Peter Ward Muñoz (DEN) 03.32.43

10) Siim Holts (EST) 03.33.20



1) Rachel Joyce (UK) 03.30.44

2) Merja Kiviranta (FIN) 03.39.59

3) Tiina Boman (FIN) 03.43.49

4) Alma Sarapuu (EST) 03.48.59



1) SIS - Science in Sport  (Marko Albert, Urmas Karlson, Sergei Cherepannikov) (EST) 03.05.00

2) JOOKSUEKSPERT (Alar Lodi, Ervin Korts-Laur, Margus Pirksaar) (EST) 03.05.06

3) XB3 (Kärt Kokk, Jaan Kirsipuu, Kaspar Kokk) (EST) 03.06.35

4) Craft/Speedo (Pjotr Degtjarjov, Ivo Suur, Andreas Kraas) 03.11.44

5) TriSmile (Carl-Johannes Rivik, Mihkel Jüri, Margus Püvi) (EST) 03.14.00


Hellriegel wins TriStar111 Estonia!


Thomas Hellriegel takes first place at TriStar111 Estonia!

Second place goes to irish Bryan McCrystal.

Third place to Estonian Kirill Kochegarov.

Timed results after cycling at TriStar111


Here are the TOP4 times for TriStar111 Estonia after the cycling course:

1) Thomas Hellriegel (2h32m57s)
2) Kirill Kochegarov (2h34m43s)
3) Bryan McCrystal (2h36m39s)
4) Esben Hovgaard (2h39m57s)

Females at 82km


Female cycling standings at 82 kilometers:

1) Rachel Joyce
2) Merja Kiviranta (split 03m12s)
3) Tiina Boman (split 06m32s)
4) Alma Sarapuu (split 08m33s)

TriStar111 cycling results


First three have finished cycling course and are off to the 10km running distance. They are:

1) Thomas Hellriegel
2) Kirill Kochegarov
3) Bryan McCrystal

Team standing, 82km


Team standings on 82 kilometers:

1) Jooksuekspert (Alar Lodi, Ervin-Korts Laur, Margus Pirksaar)
2) XB3 (Kärt Kokk, Jaan Kirsipuu, Kaspar Kokk) (split 27s)
3) Science in Sport (Marko Albert, Urmas Karlson, Stergei Cherepannikov) (split 53s)

Male update for cycling, 82km


Men have reached 82km in cycling, here are the standings:

1) Thomas Hellriegel
2) Kirill Kochegarov (split 34s)
3) Bryan McCrystal (split 03m25s)
4) Olivier Marceau (split 05m26s)

Time to look at some slogans


While the leaders do their thing, why don't we take a look at some of the athletes' slogans? They are encouraged to let us know their mottos for the race. Here is the TOP10 Estonian slogans:

"A fool only practices, a wise man competes." - Karl Erik Sala

"I have become a triathlete in 50 days - if singers and actors can do it, so can I!" - Hannes Veide

"If you get to the finish before the cut-off time, your health is good - joys of the amateur sportsman." - Urmas Kruuse

"In 2003 I broke two cervicals and the doctors said I wouldn't walk again. But here I am now :)" - Sten Kaasik

"If not today, then next time I will beat my father!" - Mait Mikkelsaar

"So what if I'm not the fastest, I can still enjoy the event :)" - Andres Ollino

"Enough of being a spectator, time to compete!" - Ivo Tamm

"I love skiing, but as there is little snow in summer, triathlon is good too." - Aiki Laaneots

"Pain is temporar :)" - Marko Tõll

"I'm a military man and a grandfather, who creates a new challenge for myself every year. 2009: mountain bike marathon Haanja, 2010: first full marathon in Tallinn, 2011: TriStar111." - Mart Mikkelsaar

Female update, 51km


Update for female competitors in cycling, at 51 kilometers:

1) Rachel Joyce
2) Merja Kiviranta (split 1m16s)
3) Tiina Boman (split 04m14s)

Team update from 51km


Results from 51km into the cycling race for teams:

1) Jooksuekspert
2) Science in Sport (split 41s)
3) XB3 (split 1m55s)
4) Craft/Speedo (split 6 seconds from XB3)

Male update, 51km


Cycling update from 51km into the cycling distance:

1) Thomas Hellriegel
2) Kirill Kochegarov (split 01s)
3) Olivier Marceau (split 02m45s)
4) Bryan McCrystal (split from Marceau 01s)

VIDEO: swimming start at TriStar111 Estonia 2011


Female update, 20km cycling


Female TOP3 at 20km cycling:

1) Tanja Slater
2) Merja Kiviranta (split 1m49s)
3) Tiina Boman (split 3m48s)

Team update from 20km


Team updates from 20km of cycling:

1) Jooksuekspert
2) SIS - Science in Sport (split 00m26s)

Cycling update from 20km


Cycling standings at 20 kilometers into the race:

1) Kirill Kochegarov 
2) Thomas Hellriegel (split 00m29s)
3) Olivier Marceau (split 00m35s)

First three out of the water at TriStar111 Estonia!


First swimmers are out of the water at TriStar111 Estonia. The first to start on the cycling track:

1) Ayrton Grossmann (EST)
2) Olivier Marceau (FRA)
3) Priit Ailt (EST)

Live information from spotters on cycling track coming soon!

15 minutes to go!


TriStar111 Estonia 2011 is about to start in 10 Minutes. 364 individual athletes will compete in the new Triathlon format focused on fun, environmental protection and social responsibility.

10 male professionals and 6 female professionals will be swimming 1km, cycling 100km and running 10km and trying to win today's race. 55 teams of 3 will start 11 minutes after the individual athletes, and we'll find out at the Finishline if the teams will manage to make up the difference.

Enjoy times coming in in the RANKING tab, and enjoy a full day of triathlon fun!

the RUN course


The run course is along the coast line of Pühajärve and consists of two back-and-forth loops, the first of which will take the competitors towards southwest and the other towards southeast from Pühajärve. The run course has three Energy stations. The finish of the race is at Pühajärve park.

Most represented clubs



Here's a look at the clubs with most participants in TriStar111 Estonia:

  • TriSmile (30 athletes)
  • 21CC Triatloniklubi (15 athletes)
  • Hawaii Express (6 athletes)


Olivier Marceau - a favourite on Sunday


Olivier Marceau of Switzerland is two times triathlon world champion, and he participated three times in Olympic Games, which is quite remarkable. He’s a short distance athlete who converted to long distance, and who has now found his perfect race distance in the TriStar111 format, as it combines the best of both worlds for him. Olivier won the first TriStar111 he participated in in Monaco last year. He finished second in the second race in Nevis in April, while he won the StarMile2.5 Nevis~St.Kitts Cross Channel Swim. He won his TriStar111 in Mallorca in the same month. Olivier is a triathlon trainer and reads a lot in his spare time.

Playing with numbers:


Time to look at some stats of the TriStar111 race:

  • 523 athletes signed up
  • 461 males
  • 62 females
  • 16 Pros (10 male and 6 female)

Thank you all for choosing a unique race over unique distances! Yes, you can! :-)

Ironman champion Thomas Hellriegel aims high at TriStar Estonia


Thomas Hellriegel is a German long distance triathlete. His biggest achievement is his win in the 1997 Ironman World Championship. Hellriegel was also second in the event in 1995 (behind Mark Allen) and in 1996 (behind Luc Van Lierde). Hellriegel set the bike course record at the 1996 championship race with a time of 4:24:50; which had stood for 11 years, until Normann Stadler finished the bike course in a new record time at 4:18:23. He is regularly racing in Estonia. Last year, he came third at TriStar111 Estonia.

Youngest & oldest athletes


This year's youngest athletes are:

Men: Simo Suursild (18 years old)
Women: Liis-Grete Arro (16-years old, professional)

And the oldest athletes taking up the TriStar111 challenge:

Men: Trace Allen (67 years old)
Women: Jo Molyneaux (50 years old)

Good luck to all of them!

Nicholas Peter Ward Muñoz at TriStar111


Born in Derby, England, but raised in Lanzarote, Spain, Ward has been a pro since 2008 to great results. He has entered the Long Distance Triathlon European Championships and Ironman Hawaii. In 2010, he was 6th in Ironman Lanzarote, 5th in the Gran Canaria Long Distance Triathlon, and 9th in the Challenge Barcelona-Maresme. The year before, he had landed 5th in Ironman UK, 4th in TriStar Estonia, and 4th in the Long Distance Triathlon Spanish Championships too.

the BIKE course


The Bike map:

The bike course runs through picturesque Southern-Estonian dome hills, passing several lakes. The course is quite difficalt for competitors and well observable for spectators. The most exciting location for spectators is the steep climb on Mäe street at Otepää. The 100km bike course consists of 3 loops (altogether 1100m of climb), the first of which is a bit longer. Counting loops is every racers own responsibility and it is checked by judges. Drafting is forbidden.

Last year's best Estonian Priit Ailt races again this year


Priit Ailt is an Estonian triathlete and Estonian Champion in half-ironman distance in 2010. Last year, in TriStar Estonia, he was the best estonian with 3:30 and 6th place.

Ironman Florida winner Kirill Kotšegarov aims high


Kirill Kotšegarov is an Estonian triathlete. He started with triathlon in 2004 and won Pühajärve triathlon (former name of TriStar Estonia) half-ironman Estonian Championships and Ironman Florida in the 2009 as his first ironman-distance race. At TriStar111, he has very good chances for placing high in the race.

Young, promising dane Esben Hovgaard


Esben from Denmark spent most of his teenage years playing rugby and football until a knee injury forced him to look for other options. He started light swimming and cycling... as he loved running ever since, triathlon was somehow the next logical step. When he unexpectedly qualified for the national team to participate in the ITU European championships, he started to realize he could go further in triathlon. In October last year, he did his first TriStar in Sardinia - and won the race.

Happy Birthday Agu!


Today it's Agu LEHEMAA's birthday! He is running at TriStar111.1 Relay with #518 and turns 48 today! His motto: "I will run past everyone!".

Happy Birthday Agu!

Tour de France's Jaan Kirsipuu will compete at TriStar111


Jaan Kirsipuu is an Estonian road bicycle racer and Estonian cycling champion. Kirsipuu has taken five stage wins from Tour de France (in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2004) and wore the Tour de France yellow jersey for six days in 1999. At TriStar Estonia, Kirsipuu will be competing in the team race together with Kärt Kokk and Kaspar Kokk.

Estonian Olympian Marko Albert makes a team effort


Marko Albert is an Estonian triathlete who is 2-times Olympian. Multiple Estonian Champion in Olympic distance. He made in 2011 a new Estonian record in Ironman Distance - 8:08:17 - in Austria. He started his career as a swimmer. After 11 years, in 1997, he turned to triathlon. He will compete in Sunday as a swimmer in team "SiS - Science in Triathlon". This team is considered as one of the favourites to win.

Estonian singer Gerli Padar competing in her first triathlon


Gerli Padar is an Estonian singer who has represented Estonia in the Eurovision song contest. She is a beloved artist who in addition to singing has also performed in musicals and done work as a TV host. Participating in TriStar Estonia's Good Role Model project, Gerli took up triathlon training in spring 2011 and completed her first triathlon at Melliste. She will compete in TriStar Estonia in the 111-kilometer distance and after the race on Sunday, she will put her racing equipment up for auction at Pühajärve.

Contra, Estonian writer with a knack for triathlon


Contra is an Estonian writer and poet. He grew up in southern Estonia and also worked as a postman here, delivering mail by bicycle on the dome-hilled terrain. He also has extensive experience in cycling and marathon competitions. Contra will compete at TriStar111 as part of TriStar Estonia's Good Role Model Project and this will be his first triathlon. According to himself, his main worry with triathlon is the switch from swimming to cycling which he hasn't practiced in training.

Rein Kahro - singer and triathlete


Rein Kahro is a singer in the famous Estonian a capella band Noorkuu. For TriStar Estonia, they created a humorous song titled "Sports song" to popularize recreational sports in Estonia (the video can be viewed at ). Like other famous Estonians participating in the Good Role Model project, he too will has put his racing equipment up for auction to support Tallinn Children's Hospital. At TriStar Estonia, he will be racing in the 111km event.

the SWIM course


The swim course starts at Pühajärve beach line and every competitor must swim 1km. The team start is given 11 minutes after the individual start. Swimming takes place in Pühajärve, where the water is roughly 20°C.

Good Morning for TriStar111 Estonia!


It's Race Day morning in Estonia and the waters of Lake Pühajärv are still flat and calm. Athletes commence checking in their bikes and transition bags and get ready for the race entailing 1km of swimming, 100km of cycling and 10km of running. We'll post photos, twitter updates (from our spotters) and quick updates throughout the day. Use the LIVE RANKINGS tab in order to get access to the information coming in from the timing.

In the LIVE RANKINGS tab, you'll find three links: Current Race Results, Results per Split and Personal Results. Try it out and you'll see it's pretty straightforward.

Enjoy the day - Yes, you can!


Who is going to win TriStar111? Vote and win free pass to TriStar Estonia 2012!


Who do YOU think is going to win TriStar111 Estonia 2011?

Check out Star Events fan page on Facebook and vote for your favourite.

At the end of the race, we will choose a lucky winner who gets free entrance to TriStar Estonia 2012.

Interview with Thomas Hellriegel after zipline competition


Interview with Esben Hovgaard after zipline competition


Interview with Nicholas Ward Muñoz


TriStar11.1 and TriStar33.3 race and award ceremony pictures


You can now see today's TriStar11.1 and TriStar33.3 photos at our Photo page. Check it out!

Results for TriStar33.3


Here are the preliminary results for TriStar33.3 event at Pühajärve. 14-year-old Vasiliy Krestyaninov who reached 1st place in the TriStar11.1 event, got 3rd place in this event!

Here are the results:

1st place - Allar Soo (EST) (1:07:21)
2nd place - Deniss Dubovik (BLR) (1:08:07)
3rd place - Vassili Krestjaninov (RUS) (1:09:16)
4th place - Peep Leino (EST)

From left: Peep Leino, Deniss Dubovik, Vassili Krestjaninov, Allar Soo.

Congratulations to all the winners, more detailed finish protocol and pictures coming soon.

Urmas Kruuse - mayor of Tartu competing at TriStar33.3


Urmas Kruuse is an Estonian politician who has been the mayor of Elva and since 2007, mayor of Estonia's student capital Tartu. At TriStar Estonia, Urmas will be taking on the challenge of the 33,3 kilometer on Saturday. In cooperation with TriStar, Urmas put his racing bike up for an auction to support Tallinn Children's Hospital - so far, the auction has collected over 450 euros in support of children at auction portal

StarRun5 and TriStar11.1 official results up!


You can now view yesterday's charity race StarRun5 and today's children's race TriStar11.1 official finishing protocols at TriStar Estonia's homepage.

Results for TriStar33.3 and Tristar111 will be posted there as well, so keep checking back.



Some stats about the 33.3 Race


Now some stats of the TriStar33.3 race:

  • 167 signups
  • 116 males
  • 51 females
  • 143 Estonian, 16 Russian, 4 Latvian, 3 Belarussian and 1 British


TriStar 11.1 results


Young triathletes at Pühajärve have now completed the 11.1km race and here are the results:

1. Vasiliy Krestyaninov (RUS) (24m47s)
2. Nikita Kotenyov (BY) (25m29s)
3. Henri Loosaar (EST) (26m07s)

The first female finisher was Laura Kallas (EST) (26m37s). Congratulations to all the winners! Altogether there were 130 competitors at the starting line.

Happy Birthday Rasmus!


Today it's Rasmus LIIRA's birthday! He races TriStar33.3 with #15 and turns 15 today! His motto: "My 15th Birthday is today".

Happy Birthday Rasmus!

TriStar 11.1 has begun!


TriStar 11.1 has just kicked off, after doing the 100 meter swimming distance, the young triathletes got on their bikes and started the 10 kilometer cycling distance.

Best of luck to all of them and we'll keep you updated with the results!

Live photos from TriStar Estonia


To keep yourself updated on the triathlon doings at Pühajärve, Estonia - check out the live photo coverage page, which will be renewed constantly throughout TriStar Estonia.

Some stats about the 11.1 Race


Time to look at some stats of the TriStar11.1 race:

  • 138 signups
  • 81 males
  • 57 females
  • 127 Estonian, 8 Russian and 3 Belarussian


Recap of TriStar Estonia 2010


Here is a video recap of TriStar Estonia 2010, when over 600 athletes participated in triathlon events at Pühajärve. Last year, the winners were Philip Graves for men and Desiree Ficker for women.

This year it gets even better - nearly 1000 people will be taking place in three different thriatlons (11.1km, 33.3km and 111km) at Pühajärve. Time will tell who will emerge victorious...



Estonian athletes succesful at TriStar Estonia's zipline race


Following TriStar Estonia's kick-off event StarRun5, a zipline race was held between international triathletes, Estonian athletes and TriStar Estonia sponsors. The zipline race took place at Otepää Adventure park and consisted of ziplining a 2x250m distance and running up a hill. Amongst other athletes, head of TriStar Estonia Ain-Alar, Esben Hovgaard, Thomas Hellriegel and Nicholas Ward Munoz participated.

The race was timed and the competition was fierce, but in the end, Estonian athletes emerged as the winners - a new track record was set by Estonian skier Peeter Kümmel. Tomorrow, TriStar Estonia continues at 10:00 Estonian time when the children's 11,1-kilometer triathlon starts.


TriStar Estonia kicks off with charity run StarRun5



TriStar Estonia kicked off today with charity run StarRun5. Amongst others, Esben Hovgaard, Nicholas Ward Munoz and Thomas Hellriegel participated in the run. Over 100 people were on the starting line to support Tallin Children's Hospital and Pühajärve Park. Half of the participants were male and half female. TriSmile was the most active club in the run and 90% of the runners were Estonian. Many of the participants in the charity race will also compete at the TriStar Estonia 111-kilometer triathlon.

"I am very glad that for the first time that we organized the charity race, so many people came to run for a good cause," said Ain-Alar Juhanson, head of TriStar Estonia, who also participated at StarRun5. Altogether, nearly €500 was collected from the run for charity causes.


Are you already part of the Star(t) list of the 5k Charity Run?


TriStar Estonia should be synonymous for fun and quality. Another pillar of TriStar is social responsibility, therefor the event supports Tallinna Childrens' Hospital and Pühajärve Park's renovation fund.

Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation is a charity fund, which aims to help Tallinn Children's Hospital to become more child-friendly with the best possible medical care.

Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation is the largest children's hospital in Estonia. Hospital has 184 beds and 15 daycare places. Nearly 12 000 children a year are treated, of whom about 400 are being treated in intensive care units. About 4,000 children have medical surgery in a year.

Tallinn Children's Hospital

Together with LIVESTRONG™, TriStar Estonia supports the local institutions, and all donations will go directly to Tallinna Childrens' Hospital and Pühajärve Park's renovation fund without any detours to Livestrong or elsewhere! Please, show you care, wear the Livestrong wristband of your visible sign of your support and sign in now!

Destination Otepää


Otepää, also called Estonia's Winter Capital, carries its title for a good reason - it is Estonia's largest center for sports in the winter, but also in the summer.

The dome-hilled Southern Estonian landscape provides an excellent proving ground for skiing, cycling, running and other endurance sports.

Destination Otepää

Here the world-famous Tartu Marathon begins and the steep hills of Kääriku are notorious amongst skiers.

During the summer, Otepää is the perfect place for triathletes and everyone else who wish to enjoy beautiful nature and challenging terrain.

Triathlon in Estonia


Triathlon is still a new sport in Estonia, but it is rapidly gaining popularity. This summer, two large triathlons have been held so far. Both triathlons have had over 200 participants and have occured during extraordinary weather conditions.

In the middle of June, the season opening Melliste triathlon (25,5km) was held in sunny weather while in the rest of Estonia rain was pouring down. In July, Valga triathlon (113-kilometer) was a true challenge for triathletes as during the 21,1-kilometer running part of the triathlon, there were nearly 30 degrees of heat outside.

Triathlon in Estonia

Hopefully TriStar Estonia's 111-kilometer event at Pühajärve will have perfect weather. The ever growing popularity of triathlon can be seen at TriStar Estonia as well - during this weekend, Estonia's largest triathlon ever will be held, with roughly 900 athletes putting themselves to the test.


Great duels on Sunday


World Champions Olivier Marceau (SUI) and Thomas Hellriegel (GER) confirmed their participation, so it will be a great duel on Sunday, as both athletes want to grab the win and beat other strong PROs Nicholas Peter Ward Muñoz (SPA) and Esben Hovgaard (DEN) who will come to make the race faster!

Local athletes - Estonian Champion Priit Ailt (EST) and Florida Ironman Champion Kirill Kotšegarov (EST) are here to make competition stronger and harder for others!

Great duels on Sunday

There are at least four woman PROs for a win - Lanzarote Ironman winners Rachel Joyce (GBR) and Tiina Boman (FIN), Le Tour de France stage winner ex-pro-cyclist Tanja Slater (GBR) and Estonian Champion Alma Sarapuu (EST).

Take the opportunity to talk to the athletes in Pühajärve, you'll see there is a relaxed atmosphere, we're looking forward to having you at TriStar Estonia!

Tomorrow you will receive a special delivery in your emailbox! Stay tuned!

Your TriStar Estonia Team

Coming up: TriStar111 Estonia 2011 Live Coverage this weekend!


There at TriStar111 Estonia! The next live Event covered on will be TriStar111 Estonia on 6/7 August 2011.

We're looking forward to welcoming you back on from Friday to Sunday for rankings, times, results, live updates, videos, photos...

Yes, you can!