Some Tips For The Registration Process


To avoid problems when picking up your start-documents, we have summarized the important facts for you.


Important: Please bring

  • Valid Identification Card (Passport, ID-Card, Driving-License)
  • Valid DTU-Pass (if available)

with you, when you come to pick up your start-documents.

If you don’t have a DTU-Pass you can buy a DTU-Day-License. You can buy this Day-License at the information desk next to the registration-tent for 16,00 EURO.
Please note: you cannot start the race without a valid DTU-Pass or a DTU-Day-License.

Fact sheet
Then you go to the registration-tent. Here you must show your DTU-Pass or your DTU-Day-License AND your ID-Card and you will receive your personal Fact sheet.
Important: You cannot apply for the race or change your application to another person.

Please check your start-number before you enter the tent, so that we can find you quickly and avoid long waiting times. There will be lists hanging outside the registration-tent with all the start-numbers.

Please check the data on your fact sheet, if these are correct. On the back of the Fact sheet you will find a declaration of exemption towards the organizer. Please read this declaration carefully, but do not sign yet!!

Then you go to the desk, where you will receive the envelope containing your start-documents. One of our assistants will then witness your signature under the declaration. You will also receive a strap around your wrist. Please leave this on until you leave the transition-area after Bike-Check-Out.


Please check your start-documents, that they are complete. The envelope should contain:

  • Bathing cap
  • Anklestrap for the time measuring chip
  • Time measuring chip (Chip)
  • Startnumber
  • 3 Startnumberstickers for your helmet (please stick on the front and on both sides of your helmet)
  • Further Startnumberstickers for your transition-bags and your bike
  • 3 transition-bags (1 Bike, 1 Run, 1 After-Race)
  • Info-Booklet
  • Bike Check-Out Ticket
  • EWR EnergyNightParty Ticket(s) (if ordered)

There will be a checklist of all these items in the envelope.

You will also receive a TRISTAR-Backpack with a surprise.

Further information

If you have a start-number-strap, please bring this with you. You can also buy one for 3,00 EUR, at the desk, where you buy the DTU-Day-License. Otherwise we will of course have safety-pins to attach the start-number.
If you wish to buy further tickets for the EWR EnergyNightParty, these can also be bought at the desk for the DTU-Day-Licenses.
If you want to have your medal engraved and have not ordered your engraving online, you can also do this at the desk for DTU-Day-Licenses.