Andi Fuchs wins TriStar111 Split !


the RUN course


The run course will take the competitors through a dense Mediterranean pine forest followed by the historic old town of Split. The run course has three Energy stations. The finish of the race is on the Promenade Riva.

Youngest & oldest athletes


This year's youngest athletes are:

Men: Srdan LATINOVIĆ (23 years old)
Women: Laura ŠIMENC (21-years old)

And the oldest athletes taking up the TriStar111 challenge:

Men: Tamas FEKETE (67 years old)
Women: Barbara ALBER (45 years old)

Good luck to all of them!


Jürgen Stilgenbauer


Jürgen Stilgenbauer

Jürgen career:

"My highlights are winning my age groups 2007 in Frankfurt and 2008 in Wisconsin. Winning the half distances in Linz and Vienna in 2010 - both in new record times - and of course my third place at Tristar 111 Germany in June.

And also my running which improved very quickly. My best was 38min on 10k in 2006. 3 years later, at the end of 2009, my fastest 10k is 30:58min. More results and highlights will come! ;)

But beside those things I am really proud of being an ambassador for Tristar, in my first year as a professional, next to athletes like Chris Mccormack, Lothar Leder, Nicole Leder and Ain Alar Juhanson... 3 years ago I wouldn’t even dare to think about things like that!"


The podium is about to change


After 60km on the bike, if Birngruber is still leading, Andi Fuchs is now on the second place 3min behind and Podsiedlik is third 4min behind. Exciting fight for the podium!

Same situation after 40km on the bike


Birngruber is still leading after 40km on the bike. Dejan Patrčević and Podsiedlik came 3 min behind and will try to catch this young Austrian athlete.

Andreas Fuchs


Andreas Fuchs

Sport has always been the main focus in Andreas Fuchs life. As a child, he practiced in athletics and became state champion in cross country. At 20 he made ​​his first marathon in a time of 3 hours and 4 minutes. At 21 he moved to Styria, where he still lives. In 2000, Fuchs first saw a report on the Hawaii Ironman on television and the decision was clear: "I would become a triathlete." Through hard work and iron discipline, he improved from year to year and finally was crowned two-time national champion of the Ironman distance.

Andreas Fuchs is not a man of quick success. Its successes are the result of hard and continuous work, its development over the past 10 years, and his steady improvement in small steps shows his absolute credibility.

After 20km on the bike


The first participant after km20 on the bike is #68 Christian Birngruber.

The only Croatian PRO Athlete, #1 Dejan Patrčević on the race came second 1min 17sec behind. #3 Phillipp Podsiedlik is third 2min and 10sec behind Birngruber

On the female race, #110 Barbara Halder is leading and the slovenian athlete #58 Laura Simenc is second 4min behind Halder

the BIKE course


The Bike map:

The Bike course begins right at the end of Marshal Marmont’s street – the participant ride through the modern parts of the city towards the city exit. The course is quite difficalt for competitors and well observable for spectators. The competitors will discover picturesque villages with breathtaking views over the Adriatic.


Time to look at some slogans


While the leaders do their thing, why don't we take a look at some of the athletes' slogans? They are encouraged to let us know their mottos for the race. Here is the TOP5 Croatian slogans:

"Live Your Dreams!" - Daniel Bent

"The Last Is Just The Slowest Winner!!" - Stefan Kurt

"Run Naturally, Run Barefoot!" - Thomas Hollowell

"Together we are stronger!" - Zahirovic Adis (Team Dobri Ljudi)

"Stronger, Faster, Better!" - Igor Mandusic

10 Minutes to go!


TriStar111 Split 2011 is about to start in 10 Minutes. 85 individual athletes will compete in the new Triathlon format focused on fun, environmental protection and social responsibility.

4 male professionals will be swimming 1km, cycling 100km and running 10km and trying to win today's race. The team race will start at the same time as the individual athletes, and we'll find out at the Finishline if the teams will manage to make up the difference.

Enjoy times coming in in the RANKING tab, and enjoy a full day of triathlon fun!

Good morning Split - it's Race Day!


It's a great morning here in Split after a quiet night.

The bike park opens in 30 minutes ago for the 111 athletes, and they will pump their tyres, prepare the bikes and get ready for the race while wishing each other a good day.

We're looking forward to an exciting race with the impressive race course we'll have, and it will certainly be an exciting day, also here on Thanks for being here!

Yes, you can!

Quotes from the Press Conference


Press Conference

Ivan Pavić, TriStar Split Race Director
“I want to thank the city of Split for his support. We wish the athletes to have a good race and to enjoy the course as well.”

Georg Hochegger, CEO of Star Production
“Thanks to the city of Split for your host. We are very happy to be here. This city is amazing, the landscape are scenic and I think Split has a lot to offer to us and to the athletes. We have a big potential here and I’m sure it will be a very attractive destination in the TriStar Series. There is 70% of international athletes so it shows the big potential of Split as a destination of Sport Events. We wish to the athletes the best for tomorrow.”

Mario Negotic, Split City Hall

“I want to thank the organisation and Mr Pavic for their great work and for organising such a big event, for the city and for the athletes. We are very optimistic about the future of this event in a city of sports like Split. I hope you will enjoy this event and I hope to see you next year.”

Dejan Patrčević
“I’m glad to be in Split again. I already raced in Split but it will be my first TriStar. It’s a chance for me to be in the competition with a very challenging course with a very sunny day.”

Andreas Fuchs
"It's nice to be here in Split, it a very nice city. Tomorrow will be a very very tough race but also very nice and very exciting, especially in the bike course, which is very hard.”

Jürgen Stilgenbauer
"I'm happy to be here on this great spot. I didn’t recognised the course so it will be a big surprise tomorrow. It very hot here compared to Germany! I hope all the athletes will enjoy the race and have fun in this beautiful course and race distances.”

Welcome message from Race Director, Ivan Pavić


Welcome to TriStar Split with Georg Hochegger


2 days for the inaugural TriStar Split!


Philipp Podsieldlik


Sports played in Philip's life has always been a central point, however, it was denied him in his youth in a long time to realize what he is should. With consummate his 15th year he chose to swim with the "Vienna Dolphins club”. But 2 or 3 training in a week was not a difficult challenge for him, that why Philip start running and cycling. His swimming coach push him to the Triathlon and by a happy coincidence met his current coach Mag.Gerald Dygryn, with whom he works since November 2005. Philipp finished his first marathon in 3h30min with just 5 months of preparation. "It was an important moment for me, since that moment I know: “I'm going to be a endurance athletes. " Philipp Said.



Official Press Conference TriStar Minnesota

Here at TriStar111 Split 2011! In the next two days, will be covering the TriStar111 in Split, Croatia on 17/18 September 2011.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back with rankings, times, results, live updates, videos, photos… and more.

Yes, you can!