Adeline Rausis video (SUI)


the RUN course


The Run course of TriStar Cannes will take athletes out to the city centre of Cannes. Enjoy one of the most beautifull run race courses of all the International TriStar Series.

TriStar55.5 Cannes is started!

1 FIDALGO ROSSELLÓ Miguel Angel 341 ESP M-18 TRANS1 00:08:55
2 HERLBAUER Daniel 336 AUS M-18 TRANS1 00:09:22
2 SILLER Mario 335 AUS M-18 TRANS1 00:09:22
4 PEASGOOD Jack 409 GBR M-18 TRANS1 00:09:26
5 RANCÉ GIMENEZ Alvaro 505 ESP M-35 TRANS1 00:09:47
6 ZBIDEN Arnaud 332 SUI M-18 TRANS1 00:09:51
7 MOULIERAC Pierre 510 FRA M-40 TRANS1 00:10:27
8 SPEERS Chris 433 GBR M-30 TRANS1 00:10:33
9 ORTEGA ESTUDILLO David 378 ESP M-30 TRANS1 00:10:46
10 GALBRAITH Eugene 515 GBR M-40 TRANS1 00:10:56

50Km Bike Split Women Classification TriStar111 Cannes

RankNameStart Nr.GroupNATSplitTime
10 (1) HÜTTHALER Lisa 446 F AUT B50 01:30:50
53 (2) PELLETIER Delphine 21 F FRA B50 01:39:30
54 (3) COLLONGE Jeanne 22 F FRA B50 01:42:47
55 (4) ZELINKA Gabriella 27 F HUN B50 01:44:06
56 (5) RAUSIS Adeline 26 F SUI B50 01:48:50

50Km Bike Split Classification TriStar111 Cannes

1 GUILLAUME Romain 6 FRA MPRO BIKE50 01:27:21
2 FONTANA Daniel 2 ITA MPRO BIKE50 01:29:52
3 SCHRAMM Till 14 GER MPRO BIKE50 01:30:44
4 MARCEAU Olivier 1 SUI MPRO BIKE50 01:30:45
5 JABERG Patrick 9 SUI MPRO BIKE50 01:30:46
6 AUGUEUX Benoit 10 FRA MPRO BIKE50 01:30:47
7 SKIPPER Joe 7 GBR MPRO BIKE50 01:30:47
8 CARLONI Francois 12 FRA MPRO BIKE50 01:32:44
9 VISTICA Andrej 5 CRO MPRO BIKE50 01:33:45

Video Start of the TriStar111 Cannes from the swim exit


Guillamue Romain, leading the bike!


Guillaume Romain (FRA) is leading the bike leg at the 18km, with some other triathletes pretty close to him!

Triathlon, a sustanaible sport with


Environmental Care:

As an athlete you have to take care of your body every day. As a triathlete you enjoy yourself swimming in clear waters, cycling across lush countryside and running while breathing fresh air. That's why Star Events pledges to protect the environment in partnership with the 4vita Foundation.Take care of nature as you would your body. You want to benefit from it all your life!

4vita is the environmental plan which includes environmental and health actions during each Star Events race.

4Vita at TriStar Cannes

In collaboration with Cannes town council, the 4vita waste disposal plan: Ensure that all waste is accounted for through the collection mangagement schem. That all athletes are aware of the importance of the Eco-Zones and do away with their waste there and only there.

4vita support the "Bouchons d'Amour" foundation which helps gather and collect plastic bottle-tops, by collecting funds, to help handicapped athletes.

Performance Nutrition Team Relay Team #R13


Performance Nutrition team Relay team. This team will also do TriStar Deauville and TriStar Monaco. Thanks!!!


Benjamin Sanson : SWIM
Meilleur performeur à l’IRONMAN France en 2011
1er swim à l’IRONMAN Hawaï en 2009
3ème à l’IRONMAN Brésil en 2009

Christophe Agnolutto : BIKE
Vainqueur à une étape du Tour de France en 2000
Vainqueur du Tour de Suisse en 2001
A participé à 7 Tour de France

Mickael Damian : RUN
Demi-finaliste aux Jeux Olympiques d’Atlanta 1500m
Recordman 1500m
3ème au Championnat de France Cross Tour

The swimming start was cancelled. The race is on!


The start from the beach was cancelled by the Marshals because of high waves, for security reasons

All the athletes started running from the exit of the swim area and went running to the Transition 1 to start the bike leg.

the BIKE course


TriStar has a slight focus on the bike section of each race, which is quite obvious when looking at the breakdown of the distances. Additionally, all races try to feature special bike layouts that remain in people's heads.

TriStar Cannes Bike Course is specially demanding and tough!

Here's the bike map:


And the corresponding profile:


the SWIM course


Tha participants start at 8:30 rom the water with the pros ahead - they wear differently colored swimcaps so they are easier to distinguish. It's a swim around 3 buoys before the athletes can exit the water. 1000m for the TriStar111 athletes and half the distance for the 55.5, with the same start and exit areas.

TriStar 55.5 will start at 11:00 only, so there's enough time to cheer on the 111 athletes in the meantime! Here's the 55.5 map:


Daniel Fontana (ITA), other of the favorites for the victory today!


Use the hashtag #tristarcannes


You could follow us on Twitter (@TriStarLive and @Stareventsintl). If you want to show your feedback please feel free to use the hashtag #tristarcannes

thanks and Good luck athletes and supporters!

Video Olivier Marceau, one of the favourites


Good Morning - it's Race Day!


It's raining here in Cannes after a quiet night - athletes went to bed earlier than usual, and have gotten up earlier than usual, too. Well, not as early as in other races most probably, that's thanks to shorter distances in TriStar! :-)

The bike park is opened for the 111 athletes, and they will pump their tyres, prepare the bikes and get ready for the race while wishing each other a good day.

We're looking forward to an exciting race with the impressive start list we'll have, and it will certainly be an exciting day, also here on Thanks for being here!

TriStar Cannes Race Course




The start to the swimming at 8:30 on the "Quai Laubeuf" beach Cannes for 1 km lap. Group start on the beach (with the PROs ahead). Water temperarture varies between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius on race day. Wetsuits are allowed if the temperarture is below 24ºC. The final decision will be taken by the marshalls on the morning of the race

Transition 1. Swimming/Cycling

After leaving the water on the Quai Laubeauf beach you have to get to the transition area installed on the Pantiero Square, pick up your bike bag (red) then you change in the transition tenth. Then, off to the bike park to get your bike and leave on the North-East side.

Cycling 100 km

The cycling route starts on the infamous Croisette of Cannes on the way to Grasse. The serious stuff starts next on the splendid inland roads with the ascent of "Cabris-St Vallier" and of "Tanneron" in particular before riding bak to Cannes.

Running 10 km

Running takes place over 2 laps on the famous "Croisette" of Cannes! From the Festival Hall to Palm Beach, you will take advantage of the most famous avenue of the "Côte d'Azur" in the steps of the celebrities of the Film Festival! The complete running course is open to supporters!!!

Transition 2 Cycling / Running

After 100 km of cycling, lay your bike down in the bike park, retrieve your Running bag (green) in the transition area and go and change under the transition tenth. When leaving the tenth, put your bag in the Drop-Off area. You can start your last challenge: the 10 km of running

Video Press Conference Manuela Garelli, TriStar Cannes Races Director (in France)


Peace and Sport in TriStar Cannes


TriStar Cannes is a great sports gathering. One of the corner stones of the Star Events organisation is Social Responsability. "Sport plays a part in each of our lives!". That's why, TriStar Cannres in partnership with the Peace and Sports Foundation strives to promote organized sport and its values, as a tool for educating the up and coming generations, as a vector of social stability, of gathering and binding between communities.

Available at the Star&Co Village, the TriStar-Peace and Sport encourages you, your friends and family to make a difference to someone's life. Look out for the Peace and Sport team or come and meet them on the information stand to take part in the various events offered by the Foundation. Thank you!!!

Stay tuned! Lucas Di Grassi announces a TriStar111 this year in Brazil!


Quotes from the pre-race press conference at TriStar Cannes


Manuela Garelli, Race Director

“This is a unique format, in a unique place, for a unique race. TriStar111 Cannes offers all athletes its traditional triathlon: 1 km of swimming in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean, followed by breathtaking cycling through picturesque villages and on top of all, a running course of 10 km in the center of Cannes arriving at the steps of the Festival Hall. Welcome to Cannes to all the athletes and organizers and thanks in advance for a great day tomorrow.”
Laurent Gauthier, President of Star Events (organizer)
“We are so glad to organize this great race in one of the best destinations in France. Cannes, Deauville and Lyon are three of the TriStar events with most participants. Local and international triathletes definitely know what TriStar stands for and that they will have a high quality event organized for them. Everyone will feel like a pro athlete.”
Olivier Marceau (SWI), World Champion, olympic and three times TriStar winner
"I’m looking forward to racing ‘at home’ tomorrow. I perfectly know these roads, these streets and I would like to ride and run fast to try to keep the victory at home. It’s going to be very tough as the bike course is demanding and the start list is full of great athletes.”
Daniel Fontana (ITA), Olympic and 8:18:00 Ironman competitor
“My background is similar to the one of Marceau as I also came from the Olympic distance and I feel that this format suits me perfectly. I don’t know the bike course, I only saw the maps on the internet and it looks very tough. The bike is going to be the key factor for sure to fight for the podium tomorrow.”
Adeline Rausis (SUI), pro triathlete
“I have planned to participate in some other TriStar races this year (Lyon, Deauville and Monaco). I really like the format and these races are perfect to compete, to train and to get an extra motivation to keep practicing triathlon.”
Paul Belmondo, former pro athlete, professional driver and TriStar Ambassador
“As an official TriStar Ambassador I can’t wait to start racing tomorrow in Cannes. I train here a lot, and I will try to finish under 5 hours… Hope the forecast is wrong and we will see the sun tomorrow and enjoy Cannes this international triathlon”.
Lucas Di Grassi (BRA), F1 driver
“I have already participated in a TriStar race in Monaco in 2010, and then triathlon became my hobby. I love the way TriStar is organizing sport events this is why we merged forces and we started up Star Events South America, based in Brazil. Together we created a good team which will announce a TriStar111 in Brazil for 2012 this season very shortly. I cannot compete with the PRO athletes I’m just here to have fun, to practice a lovely sport as a good way to stay fit for the Formula 1 and to share this experience and great moments with some friends.”
Stéphane Diagana (FRA) former pro athlete and Olympic gold medallist:
“I’m part of a Relay Team, I will swim 1 km –my first time in the sea!– and then my mates will finish the race. We will cross the finish line together. I’m so excited, and I will try to do my best and have a really nice day!”

Live Rankings and full results, Leaderboards, Updates and images on

TheTriStar label is presented by Star Events, a Monaco based company specializing in organizing high quality sports events that are focused on fun, social responsibility and environmental protection. The TriStar Series has grown to 27 races in these 14 destinations in less than three years: Nevis (St.Kitts and Nevis), Mallorca and Madrid (Spain), Lyon, Deauville and Cannes (France), Split (Croatia), Worms-Germany (Germany), Salzkammergut and Kufstein (Austria), Milton Keynes (United Kingdom), Estonia-Otepää (Estonia), Minnesota (USA), Monaco (Monaco). TriStar has introduced new distances to the sport of triathlon (A/N: 111km and 222km), officially recognized by ITU, as well as a brand new Team Racing ConceptT5. More Info: and



TriStar Cannes officially presented: The red carpet is ready… to welcome 1,100 athletes at the Finish Line!


Cannes is ready to host the inaugural edition of the TriStar55.5 and TriStar111 Cannes formats on Sunday, April 29th, 2012, with 1,100 triathletes already registered. The start for the swimming is tomorrow at 8:30 on the “Qaui Laubeuf” beach. It will be a very interesting triathlon race because of its fun and easy recovery format and because of the impressive PRO start list in one of the best spots to start the European season this year: François Chabaud (FRA), Hervé Faure (FRA), Olivier Marceau (SUI), Daniel Fontana (ITA), Joe Skipper (GBR),  Jeanne Collonge (FRA) Delphine Pelletier (FRA), Simone Friis (DEN), Adeline Rausis (SUI) or Gabriella Zelinka (HUN) will participate tomorrow. There is also a great number of VIPs and former pro athletes from other sports enjoying this race as participants. Formula 1 drivers such as the Brit Jenson Button, Brazilian Lucas Di Grassi or Austrian Alex Wurz, and VIPs and former pro athletes as Paul Belmondo or Stéphane Diagana…

This exciting new international event in the Côte D’Azur has been officially presented today at the Radisson Hotel.

VIPs startnumbers ;)


'Making off' of the TriStar photo session


Stay tuned, soon you could see the full TriStar photo shooting with Till Schramm, new TriStar Ambassador... really nice and fun!!! Here you are a short preview of the 'making off' of the photo session with the great

Press Conference!


We are setting up all the stuff for the TriStar Cannes Official Press Conference at the Radisson Hotel&Thalasso Cannes, starting at 11:00! Some of the best professionals will be here! With we are doing some nice photo shooting these days ;) Stay tuned and soon you can preview the "Making off"

Guillaume Romain video interview (French) #6


Skoda at the Star&Co Expo of the TriStar Cannes


Video Star&Co Expo TriStar Cannes


German Pro Athlete Till Schramm becomes new TriStar Ambassador in Cannes!


German Pro Athlete Till Schramm becomes new TriStar Ambassador! Welcome on board! We love fun and sporty people like you, good mood, energy and triathlon style!

Cannes !


Located on the Côte d'Azur, Cannes is a very dynamic and attractive town for its cultural life and its touristic side. It is also the venue of one of the most famous international festivals; and actually, Cannes itself could be described as "giant cinema scenery". TriStar Cannes is positioned at the top of the European calendar for 2012, and brings a unique opportunity to start the season in France offering athletes and their families the possibility to enjoy this little paradise on the Mediterranean coast. Fun is guaranteed and triathletes can show their qualities in the same streets as those walked by the actors during the Cannes Film Festival.

Paul Belmondo speaks TriStar Cannes!


Paul Belmondo is going to race TriStar111 Cannes on Sunday, and welcomes all the athletes to Cannes! Belmondo is one of the official TriStar Ambassador .

Coming up: TriStar Cannes Live Coverage this weekend!


Welcome to the inaugural edition of the TriStar Cannes2012! The next live Event covered on will be TriStar Cannes this weekend!

We're looking forward to welcoming you back on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for rankings, times, results, live updates, videos, photos...

Enjoy the race, have fun!

PS: This impressive destinatino is waiting for you, triathlete! ;)

Celebrities, PROs and F1 drivers walking the red carpet of TriStar Cannes!


Jenson Button at TriStar MonacoFollowing the success of the TriStar series in France in 2011 and the massive participation of professional and amateur athletes, the TriStar Cannes comes this year as the major event of the start of the season, and will be held on Sunday 29th from 8:30 AM
1 km long swimming part takes place on the beach in the quay Laubeuf in Cannes. The loop of 100 km bike ride starts on the Croisette and takes competitors to Grasse and rugged mountains of the hinterland. The breathtaking views and picturesque villages of the bike ride are some of the highlights of this triathlon in Cannes. The 10 km running part is made of two loops round trip on the well-known promenade Croisette, starting from the famous Palais des Festivals going to Palm Beach and will lead participants to the Finishline located on the Esplanade de La Pantiero.

And the Nominees are:
Among the favorites for victory, there are many French athletes belonging to the world's top in long distance. The French contingent will be represented among others by François Chabaud and Hervé Faure, respectively second at Ironman France and winner of last year’s Embrunman. The Franco-Swiss Olivier Marceau, already a triple-winner in TriStar races (Monaco in 2010, Mallorca in 2011 and Nevis in 2012), will surely excel on the track he knows by heart, living currently on Côte d’Azur. The foreign forces, including Daniel Fontana (ITA) and Joe Skipper (GBR), will also want to have a say at the second TriStar in European season that already promises an exciting show!

As for women, the suspense will be just as intense: will it be one of the French triathletes Jeanne Collonge or Delphine Pelletier, the Danish Simone Friis, the Swiss triathlete Adeline Rausis, or the Hungarian  Gabriella Zelinka that will be able to win this inaugural TriStar Cannes? Looking at the relays, two French professional triathletes Alexandra Louison and Charlotte Morel will be fighting for a victory in the mixed relays category.

A MOVIE TRIATHLON! VIPs and F1 drivers

As the red carpet suggests, many celebrities will be present to open the first TriStar Cannes. Among them, Paul Belmondo, patron of the event, well used to the 111 distance, who has already raced TriStar111 Monaco twice and TriStar Nevis at the very beginning of this year’s season. Stéphane Diagana, one of the most charismatic French athletes of his generation will be on the start line and goes straight for the king distance, since the former World Champion in 400m hurdles chose to go for the 111 kilometers. Several racing drivers will also participate in the 29 April race on the Croisette. The former world champion Jenson Button (Great Britain), Lucas Di Grassi (Brazil) and Alexander Wurz (Austria) will be ready to fight amidst of thousand participants of the event.

Live Rankings and full results, Leaderboards, Updates and images on

TheTriStar label is presented by Star Events, a Monaco based company specializing in organizing high quality sports events that are focused on fun, social responsibility and environmental protection. The TriStar Series has grown to 27 races in these 14 destinations in less than three years: Nevis (St.Kitts and Nevis), Mallorca and Madrid (Spain), Lyon, Deauville and Cannes (France), Split (Croatia), Worms-Germany (Germany), Salzkammergut and Kufstein (Austria), Milton Keynes (United Kingdom), Estonia-Otepää (Estonia), Minnesota (USA), Monaco (Monaco). TriStar has introduced new distances to the sport of triathlon (A/N: 111km and 222km), officially recognized by ITU, as well as a brand new Team Racing ConceptT5. More Info: and

Preview on the Coverage 2012



It's time to venture a look at the upcoming days and what will be happening here on We are based in La Croissette in Cannes!!! Come and visit us ;)

Tomorrow Saturday...

The first edition of the Akileïne Escarpins Tour starts at 14:00, you could register from 12:00 at the Star&Co Expo. Star Events together with Sports Akileïne will launch in France a new spirit in the running world by organising races of women in heels!

From 15-18h00, the bikes and bags check in will take place, while the Star&CO Village will be open from 9-19h00.

We'll try to follow through the day's events and keep you updated throughout Sunday.

On Sunday...

The races will start from 8h30 (111 individuals)... and we'll cover the race online. There will be:

  • Live RANKINGS and LEADERBOARDS straight from our TIMING
  • TWEETS from the spotters with info on leaders
  • PHOTOS from our official photographer and from our mobile phones ;)
  • Some short video clips of some of the day's highlights.

Click here for the entire schedule of events at TriStar Cannes

Looking forward to having you here on, and thanks for your help spreading the message and the link to this website.

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