Triathlon, a sustanaible sport with


Environmental Care:

As an athlete you have to take care of your body every day. As a triathlete you enjoy yourself swimming in clear waters, cycling across lush countryside and running while breathing fresh air. That's why Star Events pledges to protect the environment in partnership with the 4vita Foundation.Take care of nature as you would your body. You want to benefit from it all your life!

4vita is the environmental plan which includes environmental and health actions during each Star Events race.

4Vita at TriStar Cannes

In collaboration with Cannes town council, the 4vita waste disposal plan: Ensure that all waste is accounted for through the collection mangagement schem. That all athletes are aware of the importance of the Eco-Zones and do away with their waste there and only there.

4vita support the "Bouchons d'Amour" foundation which helps gather and collect plastic bottle-tops, by collecting funds, to help handicapped athletes.