The Award ceremony


Interview with Kirill Kotšegarov (EST) #2



Interview with Jürgen Stilgenbauer (GER) #10



First 3 Women


1. HÜTTHALER Lisa AUT 3:33:54 (27 overall)

2. STAGE NIELSEN Maja DEN 3:38:30 (41 overall)

3. BOMAN Tiina FIN 3:39:12 (43 overall)

TriStar111 Estonia 2012 finish


LIVE results with splits


Just a reminder on where to see the splits:

Top 3 teams


1. Airok/Jooksuekspert / Ujumise Spordiklubi with Alar Lodi - Raido Saar - Keio Kits 3:09:06
2. Swedbank with Aldo Suurväli - Rait Pallo - Tõnu Lilllaid 3:14:12
3. Craft/Speedo with Pjotr Degtjarjov - Kaspar Kokk - Andreas Aas 3:15:41

Thomas Hellriegel wins TriStar Estonia again


Thomas Hellriegel GER takes the win again on TriStar111 Estonia with a time of 3:13:42 narrowly missing his last years time

2nd is Kirill Kotsegarov EST with 3:14:17 (3rd last year)

3rd Rinalds Sluckis with LVA  3:14:42

Standing on 2nd Run split


Thomas Hellriegel

Rinalds Sluckis +1.36

Kirill Kotsegarov +1.36

Standings on first run split:


1. Thomas Hellriegel
2. Kirill Kotsegarov +1:30
3. Rinalds Sluckis +1:40

The Leader arrived back from bike


Thomas Hellriegel is back from bike

Top women at 58.5


1. #23 Lisa Hütthaler @1:48.50

2. #11 Tiina Boman +5:10

3. #520 Maja Stage Nielsen +6:26

4. #28 Alma Sarapuu +7:25

5. #27 Merja Kiviranta +8:10

6. #25 Tine Holst +9:20

Top men on 58.5 km


1. #1 Thomas Hellriegel @ 1:39:31

2. #3 Ben Howard+0:26

3. #163 Rinalds Sluckis +1:50

4. #514 Kirill Kotsegarov +1:50

5. #2 Bryan McCristal + 3:36

6. #19 Andi Fuchs +4:11

7. #4 Rodolphe von Berg Jr +4:11

8. #14 Raimo Raudsepp +4:56

9. #20 Phil Mosley +4:56

Top men on 46,4 km


1:19 from start

#1 Thomas Hellriegel

#3 Ben Howard +12 sec

#163 Rinalds Sluckis +2:39

#3 Rodolphe von Berg Jr +2:44

#2 Bryan McCrystal +3:06

#19 Andi Fuchs +3:30

On 27.8 km


@55.30 from start (27.8 km)

1. #3 Ben Howard

2. #1 Thomas Hellriegel


2.30 behind them are

3. #160 Chris Morris

4. #514 Kirill Kotšegarov

5. #4 Rodolphe von Berg Jr

6. #14 Raimo Raudsepp

7. #19 Andi Fuchs




1. #23 Lisa Hütthaler @ 1:00:10 from start

2. #27 Merja Kiviranta +3:30

3. #520 Maja Stage Nielsen +4.37

4. #28 Alma Sarapuu +4:37

5. #26 Venla Koivula +4:57


Average Speed for Ben Howard is 36.9 km/h from T1 to 27.8 km

The first lap is also done: check the bike splits here:


The top women on the bike are


1. #24 Olga Dmitrieva

2. #23 Lisa Hütthaler

3. #11 Tiina Boman

4. #27 Merja Kiviranta

First out of water was Estonian Ayrton Grossmann


Ben Howard was first out on the bike


1. Howard Ben 3 GBR MPRO T1 00:13:22

2. Grossmann Ayrton 50 EST M18 T1 00:13:23

3. von Berg Jr Rodolphe 4 ITA MPRO T1 00:13:30

4. Hellriegel Thomas 1 DEU MPRO T1 00:13:34

5. Raudsepp Raimo 14 EST MPRO T1 00:13:49

6. Holts Siim 30 EST M18 T1 00:14:02


See the Live splits here:


TriStar111 Estonia 2012 start & swim finish


TriStar 111 Estonia Start!


the athletes have started! Stay tuned for the live coverage!

Jürgen Stilgenbauer ★13★


Another TriStar ambassador racing today- since the first TriStar111 in Worms he is linked to the series and a great friend of TrIStar family.

Had a severe accident back in 1999, luckily survived but was told he can never do sports again. But he came back after 2 years.

The RUN course


The run course is along the coast line of Pühajärve and consists of two back-and-forth loops, the first of which will take the competitors towards southwest and the other towards southeast from Pühajärve. The run course has three Energy stations. The finish of the race is at Pühajärve park.

Rodolphe von Berg Jr. ★4★


Second young talent that is also a TriStar Ambassador.

Career highlight so far 2nd place at TriStar Monaco 2011, surprising the triathlon community.

Several junior victories on the international level and turned professional last year.

Ben Howard ★3★


TriStar Mallorca 2012 – 2nd, TriStar Lyon 2012 – 3rd, TriStar Milton Keynes – 2nd, TriStar Estonia – 1st?

Ben is a relative beginner in the field of Triathlon, taking it up in place of swimming and rowing, in his last year of studies at Durham University.

Despite being a newbie, Ben already has some impressive performances under his belt, since beginning his training with TBC Master Coach Rob Griffiths.  Racing in the elite field at the London Tri in the summer of 2010, Ben came 31st overall, in a time of 1:58 and he burned up the field at the National Age Group Champs in Bedford, coming 3rd place overall with a PB of 1:56.  And to top 2010 off, Ben was crowned World Champion in the 20-24 Age Group at the World AG Champs in Hungary - his time of 1 hour 46 mins.

In 2011 Ben went back to the National Champs and won his age group.  He also took part in the British Elite Series and came an impressive 20th overall.

Competed in TriStar Mallorca 2011 and now is racing his 4th TriStar in this season. Will that be his first win?

Ben is one of the new TriStar ambassadors- young, talented athletes that love their sports and share the same spirit.

the BIKE course


The bike course runs through picturesque Southern-Estonian dome hills, passing several lakes. The course is quite difficalt for competitors and well observable for spectators. The most exciting location for spectators is the steep climb on Mäe street at Otepää. The 100km bike course consists of 3 loops (altogether 1100m of climb), the first of which is a bit longer. Counting loops is every racers own responsibility and it is checked by judges. Drafting is forbidden.

Bryan McCrystal #2


My name is Bryan McCrystal. I am a former Soccer player turned Triathlete!

I am a full time Jeweller in Baldwins. I custom make mainly Engagement Rings and Wedding rings. Baldwins are a family run business that is its 3rd Generation. I am lucky enough to be that 3rd person. Established in 1955 we have been serving the public quality product for quite some time…

Since I could walk I have played Soccer. Graduating from my local side Bellurgan Fc and then to senior level at Dundalk Fc I was spotted by Leeds United. I signed for Leeds United in 1998 and played youth and reserve team level for 3 years or so.  Also making a few appearences for Ireland at Youth Level. Unfortunatley things didnt work out and I came home in 2001 and continued to play League of Ireland and Irish League. I enjoyed spells we Dundalk Fc, Newry city Fc and Dungannan Swifts. Between Clubs I suffered several Knee ACL & cartilage problems that brought a halt to my playing career in May 2007.

The same year in October I competed in the Dublin Marathon as a ”keep myself fit” attitude. I completed it in 2 hours 58 minutes.  Fed up with running alone I joined My local Setanta Triathlon Club

Since 2008 I have trained and competed as a triathlete and have enjoyed some great times and a quick transition from a footballer to a triathlete.

2nd in TriStar Estonia- racing as an AG athlete at that time!

Thomas Hellriegel ★1★



Thomas Hellriegel (born 14 January 1971, GERMANY, #1) a.k.a. "Hell on Wheels" (his big strength is the bike). Well known guest and friend in Estonia race. Won the race in 2011. Winner of inaugural TriStar Kufstein 2012 3 weeks ago. His  biggest achievement is winning the 1997 Ironman World Championship. Hellriegel was also second in the event in 1995 (to Mark Allen) and 1996 (to Luc Van Lierde). Raced Hawaii World Championships 11 times

Professional triathlete since 1996


Happy Birthday Rain and Alexander


We have two birthdays today: #225 Rain Airik (EST) from club TriSmile turns 35 today and #499 Alexander Evsikov (RUS) celebrates his 58th birthday. Congratulations!

So big cheers for them on the race track! :)


Mikk Lellsaar on 111 individual course


Mikk Lellsaar, a 27 year old with diabeties has been comatosed twice in his life because of his illness, but this hasn't stopped him from signing up to compete on today's TriStar111 Estonia. Mikk is volleyball player and says that he can't let his illness stop him from realizing his dreams, one of which will be accomplished today. The hardest part for him is going to be the swim where he can't bring any backup carbs with him. He already competed in Tartu Mill triathlon a couple of weeks back and felt great and will aim for even longer distances if everything goes well today.

So thumbs up and a lot of cheers for Mikk on the track! His number is #85
Yes you can!

Here's an Estonian newspaper article on Mikk Lellsaar:

Jaak Mae, Olymic Bronze medalist in cross-country skiing


Jaak Mae, Olymic Bronze medalist in cross-ountry skiing will cycle the 100k for team "suusatajad" (skiers) today with two other Estonian cross-country skiers Peeter Kümmel (swimming) and Raido Ränkel (running). Unfortunately for them though the weather forecast is not predicting any snow for today in Pühajärve. :)

We'll be cheering for them and wish them all the best fun on today's race!

Estonian Minister of Finance Jürgen Ligi


Estonian Minister of Fiinance Jürgen Ligi will be on the starting line today. He has already won his AgeGroup in the Estonian Championchips for Half-Ironman in Valga this year and is currently leading the M50 AgeGroup in this years Estonian Cup rankings so Jürgen is no stranger to triathlon.

The SWIM course


The swim course starts at Pühajärve beach line and every competitor must swim 1km. The team start is given 11 minutes after the individual start. Swimming takes place in Pühajärve, where the water is roughly 21°C.

Good morning and welcome to TriStar111 Estonia



It's Race Day morning in Estonia and the waters of Lake Pühajärv are still flat and calm. Athletes commence checking in their bikes and transition bags and get ready for the race entailing 1km of swimming, 100km of cycling and 10km of running. We'll post photos, twitter updates (from our spotters) and quick updates throughout the day. Use the LIVE RANKINGS tab in order to get access to the information coming in from the timing.

We'll also cover the race with videos and photos, so be sure to check both of these tabs. The most recent info of the race events will be on twitter (use#tristarestonia to follow the amazing third edition of the real #triathlon weekend festival in Pühajärve), TriStar Estonia facebook page, Star Events facebook page for more photos and of course all the important info will be here on

If you haven't yet guessed the water temperature today on our facebook page then you can still do it. We'll measure and post it 9 am.

Enjoy the day - Yes, you can!


Intervjuu Alma Sarapuuga peale StarRuni


Interview with Jürgen Stilgenbauer


Interview with Esben Hovgaard


Interview with Thomas Hellriegel


First 3 women on 33.3


1. Alina Antonova (RUS) 01:12:46

2. Laura Kallas (EST) 01:15:07

3. Rahel Allas (EST) 01:17:47

Winner of the TriStar33.3 Estonia


We have a winner for 33.3


Alexey Tsepajev (RUS) wins by a large margin. Vasiliy Krestyaninov (RUS) is second and Allar Soo (EST) finishes third. Stay tuned for the finish video and check the Live Timing tab to get the latest results.

TriStar33.3 Estonia startline and swim start



Live Results


We have "liftoff" - the start gun fired and you can check the live results here:

People to watch


Here's a short list of famous and sort of famous people to keep an eye on :)


  • 867 Marjaliisa Umb (Almost an Olypmian in sailing)
  • 777 Urmas Kruuse (Major of Tartu)
  • 939 Toomas Järveoja (Major of Elva)
  • 925 Margus Lepik (Head of Estonian Triathlon Union)
  • 937 Till Schenck (Triathlete and Commentator)
  • 724 Pjotr Degtjarjov (Estonian swimmer - also races tomorrow in the CRAFT/SPEEDO team)

Pjotr Degtjarjov

Margus Lepik


Some stats about the 33.3 race


We have a bit over an hour to go until the 33.3 race so it's time to give you some stats.

  • Signups: 236 (another record for TriStar Estonia)
  • Females: 76
  • Males: 160
  • 186 Estonians, 36 Russians, 3 Belarussians, 3 Lithuanians, 3 Latvians, 2 Finns, 2 Ukrainians and a German
  • The Oldest athlete on the starting line will be Vaino Vald from Estonia (62) and the youngest Egor Kumin from Russia (13).


Guess the water temperature on Sunday to win a High5 Sports Nutrition pack


Everybody can be the winner, just take part! 【ツ】

It got really close on the 11.1 race



First off the bike was Arthur Kooser but he got overtaken by Nikita Kotenyov and Kirill Inozemtsev. There were just a couple of centimeters separating the first two with Nikita Kotenyov taking the win after sprinting side by side with Kirill for the last 200m.

1 103 KOTENYOV Nikita

2 605 INOZEMTSEV Kirill

3 94 KOOSER Arthur

Laura Kallas from Estonia was the first Girl over the finish line with 15th place overall.










Check out the swim exit and top three finish below and the prelimary results here:


Swim start of 11.1


Organizer and former pro-triathlete Ain-Alar Juhanson Welcomes you to TriStar Estonia


The TriStar Kids race is on their way


Check out the live results on our timekeepers page at

Some stats about the 11.1 race


It's less than 2 hours to go and it's time to look at some stats for the 11.1 children's race.

  • 214 Signups - That's 76 more than last year
  • 119 Males
  • 95 Females
  • 181 Estonians, 7 Russians, 7 Belarussians, 4 Latvians and 1 British

Also the water temperature was just reported to be 21.9 C

Go 26% Further With HIGH5


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Good Morning everyone


It's Saturday and today we have the TriStar 11.1 children's race at 10h00 and also the TriStar 33.3 starting at 15h00. Here's also the schedule for the next 2 days:

Saturday, 4 Aug
8.00 – 19.00 Star & Co Village is open
8.00 – 9.00 Registration is open for 11.1 distance
9.00 – 12.00 Registration is open for 33.3 distance
9.00 – 19.00 Registration is open for 111 distance
8.00 – 9.30 Bike check-in for 11.1 athletes
9.40 TriStar11.1 race briefing at the beach
10.00 Start of TriStar11.1 Estonia
11.00 – 12.00 Bike check out for 11.1 athletes
13.00 Race briefing for 33.3 athletes
13.30 – 14.30 Bike check-in for 33.3 athletes
15.00 Start of TriStar33.3 Estonia
17.00 – 18.00 Bike check out for 33.3 athletes
18.00 Award ceremony for 11.1 and 33.3 athletes
19.00 Energy Night and race briefing for 111 athletes
23.00 Afterparty in official nightclub "Comeback"
Sunday, 5 Aug

8.00 – 19.00 Star & Co Village is open
8.00 – 10.15 Bike & bags check in for 111 athletes
11.00 Start of TriStar111 Estonia individual competition
11:11 Start of TriStar111 Estonia relay competition
14.13 Expected first finisher
16:00 Flower ceremony for top 3 men and women
17.00 – 19.00 Bike check out for 111 athletes
18.00 TriStar111 Estonia finish is closed
19:00 Award ceremony
19.30 Star Night with dinner buffet
21.00 Live concert
23.00 Afterparty in official nightclub "Comeback"
Monday, 6 Aug

10.00 – 12.00 Lost & found
10.00 – 12.00 Race office is open for certificates

Skiers vs. Triathletes on the zipline



After the StarRun we had a little zipline event with the Estonian national cross country ski team vs. some TriStar Estonia athletes. The race consisted of 3 parts. First zipline down the hill, then run up another hill and zipline back to where you started.

The skiers took the first 2 places but we got third from Estonian triathlete Aleksandr Latin and one of Sunday's favourites and Lanzarote Ironman winner Tiina Bomann took the women's victory.

What's most important of course is that everyone had a lot of fun, Check out the video compilation below :)



Winner Esben Hovgaard talks about StarRun


Live results of TriStar Estonia StarRun


The top three:

1 HOVGAARD Esben 0:18:33 M DEN

2 ADELEFINSKY Andrey 0:18:46 M RUS

3 KUSISTO Ville 0:20:56 M FIN


The start of TriStar Estonia's StarRun



Sportlandi tüdrukud TriStar Estonia expol


Expo ala on avatud ja praegu on veel aega, et ennem StarRuni läbi astuda

82 - the number of participants on the startlist for the 5k StarRun


82 Participants are registered for tonights StarRun

69 from Estonia, 8 from Russia, Finland and Ukraine both have two, and one from the UK

There's still time to sign up so the numbers are sure to rise. :)

First up this weekend - the 5k StarRun


TriStar Estonia should be synonymous for fun and quality. Another pillar of TriStar is social responsibility, therefor the event supports Tallinna Childrens' Hospital and Pühajärve Park's renovation fund.

Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation is a charity fund, which aims to help Tallinn Children's Hospital to become more child-friendly with the best possible medical care.

Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation is the largest children's hospital in Estonia. Hospital has 184 beds and 15 daycare places. Nearly 12 000 children a year are treated, of whom about 400 are being treated in intensive care units. About 4,000 children have medical surgery in a year.

Tallinn Children's Hospital

Together with LIVESTRONG™ and 4Vita, TriStar Estonia supports the local institutions, and all donations will go directly to Tallinna Childrens' Hospital and Pühajärve Park's renovation fund without any detours! Entry fee is 10 EUR which includes 5 EUR donation as athletes choice for either Livestrong – Tallinna Lastehaigla or 4Vita – renewing Pühajärve Park

All athlete briefing and info sheets are now available online


You can check out the athelete briefing slideshow and the race booklet online. Read it all through before the race to get a better understanding on where to be when and what to do when you are there. :) 

Race briefing for TriStar33.3 and Tristar11.1 - English

Race briefing for TriStar111 - English

Race booklet for atheletes - English


Rõõmustavaks uudiseks kõikidele pealtvaatajatele ja sportlastele peaks olemas asjaolu, et võistluseelse briifingu slaidid ja infovoldik on nüüd veebi kaudu saadaval. Vaadake kindlasti üle ja jätke meelde, et teaksite mis, kus ja millal toimub

TriStar33.3 ja TriStar11.1 briifingu slaidid - eesti keeles

TriStar111 briifingu slaidid - eesti keeles

Võistlejate infovoldik - eesti keeles

Estonia hosts it's third TriStar this weekend


Mass start of the TriStar111 EstoniaThe third edition of TriStar Estonia starts this weekend in Pühajärve,bringing together more than 1000 athletes to enjoy Estonia’s biggest triathlon festival to date. The weekend kicks off with a 5k charity run - StarRun on Friday at 18h00 followed on Saturday by TriStar 11.1 children’s race  at 10h00 and the TriStar 33.3 distance at 15h00. The most anticipated race of the weekend is of course theTriStar111 Estonia on Sunday August 5th at 11h00 that has 566 athletes signed up to cover a total distance of 111km with 1k swimming, 100k cycling and 10k running. There is also a team relay with 61 teams starting 11 minutes behind the individual athletes.

There will be a strong compilation of PRO athletes at the start of the Sundays TriStar111 with both Estonian and international competitors racing to be the first to take the finish line at the picturesque Garden of Pühajärve manor. German Thomas Hellriegel will fight to defend his last years victory against Ireland’s Bryan McCrystal (2nd in 2011) and Estonia's Kirill Kotšegarov (3rd in 2011) with strong competition from Ukraine’s Andrey Jastrebov. Racing to take the women’s gold are Finland’s Merja Kiviranta, Tiina Boman (2nd & 3rd last year) and Denmark’s Tine Holst. They will of course have to beat some strong Estonian competition.

The 1 loop 1k swim will take place at one of Estonia's most beautiful lakes called Pühajärv (in translation Holy Lake). Swim is a mass start for individuals with relay teams starting 11 minutes after the individuals. After T1 the athletes head for the challenging 100k bike leg which will take them through the magical south Estonian landscape passing by numerous lakes and serves up ca. 1100m of climbing altitude. The bike course also has a highlighted spectator spot on the highest point of the bike course. The run part will be challenging all the same and includes very picturesque views of Lake Pühajärve and crossing the finish line in the beautiful Garden of Pühajärve manor.

Finish Line TriStar111 Estonia 2010The region has a lot of sporting pedigree being the favourite place to train for a number of Estonian and international world class cross-country skiers in the winter and hosts a number of different running, cycling and triathlon events during the summer. This year’s Tristar Estonia is the 3rd edition in the TriStar Estonia series and is organized by former Estonian PRO Ironman triathlete Ain-alar Juhanson who promises a great race to all pariticipants and spectators taking part of the sporting festival over the weekend.

Live Rankings, full results, Leaderboards, Updates and images on during the next 3 days.


Coming up: TriStar111 Estonia 2012 Live Coverage this weekend!


Welcome to the third edition of the amazing TriStar Estonia! The next live Event covered on will be TriStar Estonia on 3/5 August 2012.

We're looking forward to welcoming you back on from Friday to Sunday for rankings, times, results, live updates, videos, photos...

Remember to follow us on Twitter, and please use the hashtag #tristarestonia to show us what are you doing, what do you expect and what are you seeing there onsite!!!