Live Coverage will start on Saturday with some light previews and then be live on Sunday.

In the meantime, you can check out the past coverage from Monaco, Estonia, Milton Keynes... or just to take a look on what's happening at TriStar Rio!!!.

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Tomorrow Saturday...

From 16-18h00 is the athlete's registration, while the Star&CO Village is open from.

We'll try to follow through the day's events and keep you updated throughout Sunday.

On Sunday... RACE DAY!

The races will start from 11h00 (111 individuals) and 11h:45 (33.3)... and we'll cover the race online.

There will be:

  • Live RANKINGS and LEADERBOARDS straight from our TIMING
  • TWEETS from the spotters with info on leaders
  • PHOTOS from our official photographer and from our mobile phones ;)
  • Some short video clips of some of the day's highlights.

Click here for the entire schedule of events at TriStar Madrid

Looking forward to having you here on TriStarLive.com, and thanks for your help spreading the message and the link to this website.